Thursday, November 22, 2007

World AIDS Day


World AIDS Day is fast approaching us. If you have any ideas of what we should do, or would like to volunteer your services, please give us a reply here. I think that what Br. Rob did with the trifolds was pretty impressive, especially the ones that were in the library.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


For those with some time on their hands (or who are looking for a chance to procrastinate), I would recommend checking out The premise is simple: for ever word you correctly define, a group of businesses donates 10 grains of rice to be distributed by WFP. You need to take what is being done on the site with a grain of salt (or rice, as the case may be). Simply donating rice to those who need it is not the final solution for solving food insecurity. However, it is difficult to talk about justice without recognizing and responding to the need for charity. So this website is definitely more worthwhile than playing "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire" during your free time.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Feature Film Presentation: December 6, 2007


There will be a feature film presentation on the human rights issue of nuclear proliferation. I will be presenting a documentary inspired by Thomas Merton's poem "Original Child Bomb."

It is cast against the backdrop of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and takes an insightful look into the threats present in the nuclear age of which we are all a part.

Please make it if you can. The award-winning film (Winner: Silverdocs 2005; Winner: Human Rights Nights, Bologna, Italy 2005) is 57 minutes in length and a must-see!

In peace,

Thursday, November 15, 2007

As always: TAKE ACTION--Check Amnesty and Catholic Charities Links...

TO SIGN some VERY important and RELEVANT petitions.

Let your voice be heard.

See you at the meeting today if you can make it.


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This Thursday's Meeting: Guest Speaker on Torture and the SOA!!!


Below is a transcript of an e-mail I received from a priest in the Diocese of Greensburg who has had experience doing social justice work in Latin America. Check it out!!

He is interested in coming this Thursday (11/8) after school to discuss his experience of torture and U.S. invovlement in the School of Americas (i.e. Assassins).

Be there!!! And spread the word!


Bro Rob:
Thanks for the invitation. Given that the confirmation hearings for Attoney General
are front page news these days and the candidate being questioned about his
defintion of torture and "waterboarding," let me suggest I be with you at Central
Catholic Thursday, 8 November. If you accept let me know how many you expect
to be on hand so I bring enough copies of my letter from prison (May, 2004) in
which I talk about my psychological torture in a Salvadoran prison in 1977, with an
English speaking person (unseen by me because I was blindfolded) in the background.
If course I relate this to the "School of the Americas," and despite the extreme lateness
of the hour, offer to accompany students, teachers, parents to the Nov 16-17th event.
Also propose that students check out the School of the Americas website ahead of
time if they wish: Finally, I'll leave you a video on the topic of the
SOA made in 2002 and entitled: "Guns and Greed."
Peace and all good,

Fr. Bernard



After school, DC 2.

word is bond,