Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Demand that President Obama ensures full accountability for torture and abuse.

Stories that Attorney General Eric Holder will soon appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate allegations of torture and abuse are spreading like wildfire.

This action could finally set the wheels of accountability in motion. It would prove that there are major consequences for those who ordered, authorized and allowed such horrific acts like waterboarding, stress positions, and other torture tactics to be used as justifiable methods in the fight against te rror.

All you have to do is take one look at the gruesome images of various people bound and gagged or read the reports that detail how U.S. officials played terrifying near-death games with detainees' lives to know that this is much bigger than a few 'bad apples' acting independently of a higher authority.

So why does it seem like Attorney General Holder may settle for investigating and prosecuting only lower level offenders?

Don't let high-level Bush administration officials get off scott-free. Demand a full investigation of torture crimes at all levels.

Under U.S. law, the government must fully investigate allegations of torture, prosecute all those responsible for torture, and provide remedy to victims. President Obama is responsible for upholding the nation's laws and ensuring full accountability for torture.

We haven't been pushing for an independent investigation for this long to see only mid-ranking government officials take the fall.

High-level government officials who authorized torture are not above the law.

If the Department of Justice moves forward with any form of investigation, it would be a very important first step in our fight against torture. But we must use this small window of opportunity to ensure that this first step is not their last.

It wasn't that long ago when a high-level investigation into torture seemed out of the question. But thanks to your continued activism, we're now close to seeing this action become a reality.

Getting an investigation is one thing. Getting a full investigation is quite another. Right now, we can act to determine the scope of this investigation.

Tell the Obama administration that the only way to deliver true justice is to seek full accountability.


Njambi Good
Campaign Director
Counter Terror With Justice
Amnesty International USA