Saturday, September 6, 2008

Children's Rights Links

The following are some introductory links on progressive children's rights organizations around the globe.

UNICEF and its mission

Amnesty Int'l: Children's Rights

Invisible Children: Ugandan Child Soldiers

Children's Defense Fund: an American Org.

Human Rights Watch: Children's Rights

Right to Play: Freeing Kids through Athletics

These are just sneak peeks at the various abuses of children everywhere. Peep the work that millions are doing to join the fight and give these kids a right to live, learn, and play, just like we did.

Just remember: we don't look back on our childhood thinking, 'Man, when I was six we went without water for four days and food for a week and a half.' or, 'I hated my orphanage after my mom and dad were killed by AIDS.' Take advantage of your fortunes and get involved.

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Rob Peach said...

Thanks, Mike!

How about a poster campaign on campus?

Perhaps get factoids more visibly noticable throughout the hallways and in the library.

Word up,