Wednesday, October 31, 2007

about responding to hate

My brothers in the struggle,

I know that some of you have followed the situation in Jena, Louisiana, and perhaps the appearance of nooses in other states and venues as well including Columbia University's Teacher's College recently.

To add to the convseration, let me share with you this piece

from NPR's "Talk of the Nation." Given that WDUQ does not carry this show, you may not be familiar with it. John McWhorter, a linguist by training, currently a fellow at the Manhattan Institute, is one of the principal guests during this broadcast of the show. He takes an interesting stance towards the noose appearances. What do you think? Talk among yourselves.

Meanwhile, this evening I received a troubling e-message from a recent Central Catholic graduate about an unfolding situation on his college campus pertaining to "race," and how the university administration has (or has not) responded to that artificial construct that causes so much angst. This fellow Lasallian tells me that he is one of a few white students who seeks to understand the situation, express solidarity, and seek action. In time, perhaps I can share more. For sure this situation is a reminder, my young brothers in the struggle, that the world beyond where you are now is going to look and feel much differently than the microcosm in which you find yourself now, even if you attend a fairly small college in a non-urban setting.

In other news, 48 Spanish Brothers of the Christian Schools were raised up by the Church last Sunday, 28 October, as martyrs. Go to for further information.

Keep stepping for justice and for peace. It is steep road we must climb.
May God be blessed. Let us ask St. De La Salle and all our Sainted Brothers to intercede for
us. Amen.

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